Don’t let the cold weather dampen your sense of adventure.

With our ATV rentals and some of the most remarkable ATV trails in Colorado, Estes Park ATV Rentals offers you the one of the best experiences in Estes. However, understanding Colorado weather, especially in the mountains, is key to preparing for your ride so that you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, even into December.

We always prepare our ATV rentals with care so that we can ensure your safety as long as you follow these cold weather ATVing tips.

Stick To The Trails

We will close certain sections if snow and ice have made them unsafe, especially in December. However, because our trips are unguided, the responsibility to stick to the safe sections is yours. Staying on our ATV and UTV trails will give you the safest ride without compromising your experience.

Clothing Essentials For Cold Weather ATV Trail Riding

As with any outdoor excursions in Colorado, proper clothing is absolutely essential to both your comfort and your safety. In the mountains, this means one thing: layers, layers, layers.

First Layer: We highly recommend thermal underwear for your bottom layer. Avoid cottons, as these retain moisture and, in extreme cases, can lead to hypothermia. Polyester blends with thermal weaves are ideal.

Second Layer: By pushing your cotton clothing to your second layer, you are still able to retain moisture while keeping it away from your skin. Because cotton is light and thin, you avoid the extra weight and bulk while adding warmth and protection.

Third Layer: Depending on the weather, this layer may or may not be important. For an extra cold day, we recommend fleeces or wools because these both hold in heat well.

Outermost Layer: Your outer layer in any outdoor mountain activity should always be waterproof (which is different from water-resistant) and wind-resistant. In order to add comfort and ensure proper ventilation, we always recommend a jacket that offers zippered vents under the arms so that you have the option to let the moisture buildup breathe.

During Your ATV Ride

In cold weather, it’s important to press your brakes periodically in order to make sure that they aren’t frozen when you need them most. In addition, avoid overusing your choke to ensure that it doesn’t begin to stick.

At Estes Park ATV Rentals, we are passionate about providing you with both the Colorado mountain trails and safety that you want. Because of this, we may have to close our trails or sections of the trails, according to the weather. Contact us today to find out if our ATV trails are ready for you, and schedule your unguided ride today.

If we are closed for the winter, check back in March for your spring ATV ride!