Your adventure starts with us at Estes Park ATV Rentals. Our unguided excursions take you through the
back county of the Rocky Mountains. We provide BRAND NEW 2018 TOMCAR ATV rentals for a worry-
free ride. The ATV’s are located here in Estes Park so there is no need for you to drive your car 30
minutes to get your unit. We offer 6 different trails that you can chose from, unlike all our competitors
who only have one. This gives you the opportunity to rent from us for a week and not see the same
trails. The ATVs you will be riding in are the safest in the world. Designed for Military action, these ATV’s
are super safe and well-engineered. For this reason, you don’t need a helmet. With the variety of trails
to pick from, we can help plan your trip through the outdoors, you can choose where you want to
explore- the “The Jet Plane Crash,” Rocky Mountain National Park, Pole Hill or Storm Mountain. Our
instructors, with over 50 years of experience, can put together the best trip for your level of experience.
Beginner or expert, we are here to help you. Everything you will need is provided to get to your
destination and enjoy your day on our Colorado ATV trails.

We are a family run business for over 10 years. Troy, Travis and Ty Kerns are the proud owners of this
amazing business. All three of us grew up riding ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles. We enjoy revealing
and sharing to people the fun of these power sports. All our family members including wife’s, kids and
friends work in the office or at the trail head. With all the owners working the day to day operation we
feel like this will give you the best riding experience. All three owners were born and raised in Colorado,
with this business we get the opportunity to show you what the Rocky Mountains is all about. Each year
we evaluate the past year and try to find a way to get better. This year for 2018 we changed everything
to make it easier, safer and more fun than ever before. First off, the ATV’s are here in Estes only 3
minutes away from our office. We found the safest ATV ever made to make sure you come back home
from your vacation the same way you left. We know everyone hates helmets. Using TOMCAR ATV’s are
so safe, you don’t even need one! We added one more hour to give you 4 or 8 hours of true ride time,
with very little price increase. This gives you more time to enjoy your ride. We added 5 more trails for
you to ride on for a total of 6 trails. You could ride with us for 5 straight day and not ride on the same
trail. There is no other ATV Company in Colorado who can offer you all these benefits. Please call, come
in or go online and set up a reservation to get your adventure stared today with ESTES PARK ATV

Come Rent, Ride and Explore the Colorado Wilderness! We look forward to meeting you!