Understanding the symptoms of altitude sickness so that you can recognize and treat it immediately is great, but preventing it before it even starts is even better. Following these simple tips will help make sure that you have a great time riding the ATV trails in Colorado, and will help ensure that your entire trip is everything you hoped it could be.

It is important to remember that altitude sickness can be prevalent in anyone, regardless of their health, age, sex, or level of activity. Some people can experience symptoms just staying in a cabin in the mountains, while others will experience symptoms after hiking or ATVing. This means that your best chance for avoiding altitude sickness is taking active steps toward preventing it.


This is quite possibly the most important thing you could do to prevent not only altitude sickness, but other ailments as well. Your body needs water to adjust to the altitude, and because there’s less air in the mountains, that also means your body has access to less moisture.

Eat Good Food

Colorado is known for its healthy, organic foods. Take advantage of that and make sure that you are eating foods that contain a lot of potassium as well as complex carbs. This includes: pasta, fruits like bananas and dates, vegetables like avocado and greens, granola, and others.

Shade and Sunscreen

Because there’s less air, there is less protection from the sun, so you get burned faster. In addition to being painful and embarrassing, a sunburn also can seriously dehydrate you.

Learn more about how to prevent altitude sickness, and make sure that you have the best time possible on your trek in the Rocky Mountains by making healthy, responsible choices. Call us today if you are looking for the best ATV trails and rentals that Colorado has to offer!