Being outdoors is something many families love to do, especially, with young kids. There’s something about teaching kids about life by being outside and seeing the changing of the seasons, the amazing simplicity of nature and the vastness of the outdoors. Creating these opportunities and building in an appreciation for the simple takes time and being intentional to expose the kids to many different aspects of the outdoors. Fishing, camping, hiking are all great ways to start building this love of nature into kids. However, sometimes it’s fun to turn up the volume a little and add adrenaline and speed to the outdoors.

UTV rentals are the perfect way to add a different kind of adventure to family outings. UTVs are great for outings with younger kids. They can ride along with you, unlike ATVs that only allow one or two on each machine. Everyone wears helmets and are buckled in safely. With Estes Park ATV Rental, you rent the UTVs and take them up on a trail where you choose the paths. Spend a few hours on an unguided tour of the Rocky Mountains and challenge your family to a little faster pace in nature.

In the time it takes to walk downtown Estes Park corralling the kids, you could spend up in the mountains, breathing fresh air and seeing a part of Earth you haven’t seen yet. Call us at Estes Park ATV Rental to schedule your next trip outdoors with the family. You won’t regret creating a new experience and new memories with  your kids.