Estes Park UTV RentalsYou do your best to teach your kids throughout the school year, making learning fun and interactive so they can grasp the information they need to succeed. However, sometimes you feel like you are getting in a homeschooling rut, especially towards the end of the year. Whether you are local to Estes Park or you live in the Front Range area, taking your kids for a day of fun and adventure in the mountains with UTV rentals is the best way to end your homeschool year right.

Make Learning Fun

At Estes Park ATV Rentals, our trails are specifically designed to be fun for both new and seasoned riders. You can choose how far you go, how fast you go, and which direction to go so you have the freedom you need to stop and make any point a fun lesson.

Our UTVs

We have two to six person UTVs available, so whether you and your spouse want to take the kids, or you just want some one-on-one time with a child, we have the vehicle perfect for you. Because we take care of everything for you, you don’t have to worry about renting a truck to haul your UTV to the trailhead. Your vehicle will be there waiting for you.

Our Trails

You have two specific learning experiences available on each of our trails.

Bunce School Road: This trail speaks of a time gone past, when residents hoped to strike big in the midst of the Gold Rush. Topics for discussion could include:

  • How schools used to be run, featuring the old Bunce School House, built in 1888 and registered on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The Gold Rush
  • Mining

T-33A Jet Crash: This trail takes you within 250 yards of the site of a 1965 plane crash, with the wreckage still there. The ATV/UTV trail ends in a nice area for a picnic, and you may hike the rest of the way to see the full crash site. Topics for discussion could include:

  • What could have happened to make an experienced pilot crash?
  • Planes (mechanical aspects)
  • How a thunderstorm could have affected the plane’s equipment.
  • What new equipment is in place to prevent crashes from happening now.

Why Unguided?

At Estes Park ATV Rentals, we have built a company around the Coloradoan’s natural sense of adventure. We know that with guided tours, your ride can feel like it’s going far too slow in some areas or too fast in others. With an unguided tour of Rocky Mountain National Park, you are able to experience the Great Outdoors with the freedom to teach your children when and what you want them to learn — leaving more time for fun.

End your homeschooling year right with a day trip through the mountains, and make your children’s learning experience interactive, exciting, and memorable! Contact our office to reserve your slot today, and see why we are Colorado’s first choice for UTV rentals. Remember, spring can be chilly in the mountains, so learn the best practices for dressing for your spring UTV ride before you come!