UTVs are great for camping off the road, hunting trips, and everyday use. They have plenty of cargo room and have many other benefits for the riders.

  • UTVs can take you through harsh conditions. Rocks, muddy terrain, shallow water, narrow trails, UTVs can go many places cars, trucks and SUVs cannot.
  • The open structure allows the driver and passengers to see in a 360° radius without blind spots. Nature can be enjoyed without obstruction.
  • It can carry more than two people at a time. UTVs hold 2-6 people safely with safety belts.
  • The UTV has a low center of gravity. This means the UTV has a very low chance of flipping.
  • The UTV is made for working. It can carry 6 grown adults and cargo. Besides that, it has a large towing capacity.
  • It has a strong structure for safety. The way the UTV is built ensures the safety of all occupants when seated and buckled within the vehicle. The cage will prevent bodily damage as long as occupants are strapped in.

If you plan on going out on an ATV or UTV rental in Estes Park, consider how you want to travel. A UTV rental would be ideal if you have some people in your group who aren’t old enough (over 16 years old, with a driver’s license) to operate their own ATV, they can put on a helmet and enjoy the ride. Book your next ride through the national lands with Estes Park ATV Rentals for a 3-hour or 7-hour ride.