Colorado can be a fantastic wonderland during the winter season. With so many attractions at differing elevations, one can see why the state is so highly rated. Here at Estes Park ATV Rentals, we have the perfect activity for the more adventure inclined vacationer. We offer the best four-wheeler rentals in Colorado and also give our customers the benefit of guiding themselves along our interesting off-road trails. While our quad rentals are a thrilling way to enjoy beautiful Estes Park, it must be stated that our off-roading season does not extend through winter. That doesn’t mean that our community is now fraught with boredom, though! If you’re not looking to rent a four wheeler, you’ll be happy with the plethora of other activities available.

  • Ice skating. Estes Park is home to several local ponds that are prime locations for ice skating once the freezing effects of nature take hold. Our YMCA center also features a prominent pond that is popular for visitors to glide across.
  • Wildlife viewing. From Elktober (October) till springtime, a host of animals inhabit the lower elevations in search of adequate food supplies.
  • Shopping. Our collection of local shops offers a unique shopping experience that tourists will have to see to believe. Winter is a wondrous time to walk Elkhorn Ave, taking in the sights and sounds. Whether you’re looking for custom t-shirts or Christmas ornaments, you’ll find what you’re looking for!
  • Sledding. While our four wheeler trails are intense, Hidden Valley holds a degree of excitement for those riding tubes and sleds instead of ATVs. Once a downhill ski area, Hidden Valley was converted into a family-friendly sled hill for maximum enjoyment.
  • Hiking. Yes, we said it, don’t question our sanity! Rocky Mountain National Park plays host to a variety of elevations and landscapes. Our lower trails are typically open year-round for the people’s enjoyment. Take in the sights and sounds of the mountains in wintertime and make sure to bring a camera to photograph the wildlife!
  • Skiing/Snowboarding. While Estes Park plays host to zero ski areas, Eldora Mountain Resort resides only 46 miles from us! Enjoy the Rocky Mountains in style, and make sure to catch a glimpse of Long’s Peak if the skies are clear.
  • Catch the Glow Christmas Parade. There’s no better way to kick off the holiday season than with a parade of lovable characters and an abundance of Christmas lights. With a full day of activities topped off by the beautiful parade, you can’t go wrong!
  • Estes Park Winter Festival. Featuring a chili cook-off and excellent beer tasting, this festival is sure to bring the heat back to your cold bones. With food, drinks, and music, it’s hard to say no to such a fun time!

There is a multitude of activities that people can undertake when visiting beautiful Estes Park. With so many things to do, it’ll be hard to accomplish it all in one trip! While in season, we offer the best four-wheeler rentals in Colorado. The time is quickly running out for people to take advantage of our top-notch quad rentals, so contact us today to reserve your adventure!