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All-terrain vehicles have a rich history for a machine that has only seen production for 50 years. Today, we’ll look into the humble beginnings of ATVs and why renting a four-wheeler is the best option for numerous applications beyond shredding trails.

Great Things Come In Threes

The original ATV was brought to life in 1967 by Sperry-Rand, an equipment manufacturing company that was originally founded to craft navigation tools. As far as history dictates, this three-wheeled machine (or Tricart) resembled more of today’s child vehicles over traditional off-road styles. In 1968, Sperry-Rand acquired the patents for this beast and began producing them commercially for the general public. Sales saw a quick surge as the population caught onto this interesting new machine. Other companies began to design and produce their own versions to capitalize on new national interest.

Honda became the poster child for off-road adventure when they began creating their own ATV in 1969. The use of these off-road machines in popular media (such as James Bond) gave rise to more popularity and demand. Upon acquiring a trademark, Honda’s All Terrain Cycle 90 became even more common for the casual thrill-seeker. Early development limited these machines in terms of suspension. The first ATVs were made with large inflated tires to absorb the bumps and jolts of tackling tough terrain.

The beginning of the 1980s saw advancements in ATV tech, introducing sleeker tires and adequate suspension. Honda was the first during this period to introduce racks, bringing a utilitarian aspect to these off-road vehicles. Marketed as a sporty option for crossing inaccessible terrain, the Honda ATC200E became the show pony for how ATVs should look. Once other companies began following suit, popularity and sales exploded.

While these early machines are a great starting point for today’s modern mud monsters, they do have their drawbacks. Next time, we’ll look at the safety concerns of three-wheelers and the eventual introduction of the modern quad setup. If you are interested in a four-wheeler rental for your Colorado adventure, we can help! Estes Park ATV Rentals specializes in offering quad rentals to give normal citizens the chance to explore the great outdoors atop a premium off-roading machine. We’ll take care of the gas, transport, and technical details, so you can focus on the adrenalized activities. To learn more about our unguided tours, feel free to contact us today!