The animals on the trails we use have a tolerance to the noise of the ATVs and the presence of people. This allows those who rent ATVs from us to get some great photography during their  ride. Renting from Estes Park ATV Rentals offers you and your group a choice between a three hour ride and a seven hour ride. With the seven hour ATV rental, you have the opportunity to ride out to a good spot and take time to find the great scenery to take pictures and take your time enjoying the scenery. You could pack a picnic, hike off the trail a little way and sit still to allow nature to come to you.

Our trails also offer the opportunity to photograph plane wreckage from the T33A – jet crash in 1965. If this interests you, you can take the Bunce School Road to Park Creek to get to the crash site trailhead. Our ATVs can make it through the rocky sections and the optional hill called Dead-End Hill.

Ask our staff what are some highlights on the trails and decide which trails you will enjoy. We have some of the best ATV trails in Colorado, showing off wildlife, scenery and the jet crash wreckage. We can share the good spots with you for the most idyllic photography or the most rugged. Estes Park ATV Rentals also has UTV rentals to take a larger group up the trails. Make your reservations with us for ATV rentals in Estes Park and enjoy the photos for years to come.