Looking for creative date ideas can be challenging if you get into a dinner and a movie rut. Here’s one idea! Change things up a bit and go on a day date. Take your date on an adventure and ride some of the best ATV trails in Colorado. There are ATV rentals in Estes Park that offer three hour and seven hour rides for a great cost.

Estes Park ATV Rentals is one such location. We offer different size ATVs and UTVs for rent. Choose the option that will work best for your date. You may want to ask if your date has any experience driving an ATV or would prefer to drive themself. We also have the UTVs that hold more than two people, but may be more comfortable than an ATV for your date. The UTVs also hold more, if you’re bringing a picnic and blanket with you. The Colorado ATV trails we have access to have amazing views and wildlife doesn’t get scared off by the noise of the ATVs.

Choose the three hour ride, then grab a bite in Estes Park to eat after the ride. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from with local fare, BBQ, Mexican, grill and more to choose from. If you choose the seven hour ride, you can take your time, bring a picnic meal and enjoy it halfway through the ride, before heading back to the trailhead.

Estes Park ATV Rentals provides the helmets, goggles and safety instructions before the ride. They also provide enough gas for you to get out and back. Not sure which trail to take for your day date? Just ask our staff. We know these trails well and can make some recommendations for you to choose from so you have the best possible date. Book your ATV rentals today!