It is about that time of year when you look into setting up a weekend getaway. Now that the weather has begun to change from rain to sun, it is time to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. You have already done all of the normal hiking, sightseeing, and fishing, and now you are looking for something a little more adventurous. Have you thought about ATV rentals in Colorado? With Estes Park ATV Rentals you can explore the gorgeous mountains and the Colorado wilderness in a pretty awesome manner.

New to riding an ATV? No problem, Estes Park ATV Rentals ensure that each of their clients will be safe before they let them head out on their own. The more you know about riding an ATV, the safer you will be out in the hills! Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your first time on an ATV:

  1. Get familiar with the ATV that you will be riding. Go ahead, take a seat and find out where you’ll be most comfortable on the seat.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the pedals, how to shift gears, emergency switches, and how to speed up/slow down.
  3. Practice driving the ATV in a safe and secure location before heading out on the trails. This step will help you learn how the ATV rentals handle.
  4. Always wear the proper protective gear, never take off your helmet unless your ATV is parked and you have disembarked. Should you fall while on an ATV, the helmet will protect your head
  5. Once you have been given an ATV for the day, no NOT go off of designated roads.
  6. Don’t forget your map of the ATV trails in Colorado that you will be driving along.
  7. Pack out what you pack in. In other words, don’t litter in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

Contact Estes Park ATV Rentals for the best in UTV and ATV rentals! This time you will enjoy your weekend out!