As we enter the warmer season here in Colorado, many residents are gearing up for the outdoor fun that we all enjoy in the Centennial State. If you’re looking for an ATV tour that features the best unguided trails in the state, be sure to start your adventure with Estes Park ATV Rentals. We supply the single-rider and side-by-side ATVs that you need to embark on an adrenalized journey that reveals the best that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. If you have ever felt the need to tear up the ATV trail with a Polaris RZR or any one of top machines available today, our fleet will not let you down. We’re proud to provide the best ATV rentals in Colorado, and we’re ready to get you out in the wild.

While our offroad machines are built to provide everything that our guests need for an action-packed adventure, we often hear about confusion with the name of different vehicles. Today, we’ll briefly highlight a few differences between our ATV and UTV rentals to educate new outdoor enthusiasts.

Passenger Capabilities

When people hear the term, “all-terrain vehicle,” they imagine a quad that is quick, nimble, and provides seating for a single rider. When people mention ATV riding, they tend to refer to this sports-first style for enjoying the trails and catching some excitement. UTVs, on the other hand, are designed to be larger, typically carrying between two and six passengers with ease.

Differing Purposes

One reason you probably have not heard the term, “UTV rental,” when seeking outdoor adventures is because of the original intentions for these utility vehicles. UTVs were built for utilitarian purposes, including meeting the needs of farmers, hunters, property owners, and a myriad of other individuals who need a mobile off-road machine for gaining access to hard-to-reach places. These mules of the offroad world were ideal for laborious tasks, yet their features were intended only for work and not play.

Design Differences

If you are ever confused as to what type of vehicle you are commandeering, it can be helpful to look at the seating design. ATVs are meant to be used like mechanical horses, requiring readers to straddle the set between their thighs for control. UTVs, on the other hand, rely on full chairs or bucket seats to keep riders safe. With this console difference, comes an equipment variation as well, as ATVs rely on handlebars for steering and accelerating. UTVs rely on a recognizable steering wheel, delivering a similar experience for daily drivers.

While past vehicles were like night and day in terms of sportiness and offroad excitement, today’s UTVs are built to provide a high level of enjoyment for riders of all skill levels. The labeling between each type of vehicle has become harder to differentiate, as many riders now just refer to their UTVs as side-by-side ATVs. If you are interested in unguided ATV tours this spring, our company has the perfect answer! Estes Park ATV Rentals in Colorado is dedicated to giving you the freedom to take on the trail in the most beautiful parts of our state. Contact us today to learn more about our enjoyable half- and full-day rentals, then be sure to reserve your adventure!