As the Colorado winter comes into full force, many locals are looking toward the holidays. Those that are more adrenally inclined may be looking ahead to the spring season, planning their outdoor adventures well in advance. Estes Park ATV Rentals is happy to offer ATV riding adventures that give locals and tourists alike the chance to hit the trail and cover some of the more challenging terrain in the state. We’re proud to offer quality ATV rentals in Colorado, featuring Rocky Mountain National Park’s unmatched majesty and exciting unguided tours for a truly memorable experience.

Our ATV trails are meant to provide the most fun possible, but that enjoyment is only possible when everyone on the road respects each other and the surrounding wildlife. Today, we’ll continue to look into trail riding etiquette and suggestions to give you and others the most enjoyable experience possible.

Practicing Politeness

Those that have wanted to shred the trail with a rugged Polaris RZR or a beastly Honda ATV will need to remember that others use the trails, and that proper respect goes a long way. When you come upon cyclists, hikers, or horseback riders, be sure to offer the right of way. By pulling off to the side and allowing clearance, you’re taking the first step in being a positive experience for everyone on the trails. Be sure to be even more polite around horses, as these animals can be jumpy around loud machinery. In any case, always be sure to navigate a crossing with others slowly and safely, communicating clearly before making your move.

Minimizing Your Footprint

Mother Nature is the perfect provider of adrenalized outdoor adventures, but only if we treat her with respect. One rule that should not need to be enforced as often as it is consists of packing all of your trash and debris out with you. Failing to pick up your refuse can negatively affect the animals, plants, and fellow enthusiasts in the area. Failing to pack your trash also leaves a bad impression of off-road riders and can seriously affect our future freedoms when it comes to the availability of quality ATV trails. Being mindful of your garbage will help to keep the area clean and clear and pave the way for more responsible adventures in the future.

Riding Responsibly

The nature of ATV riding allows you to take on the nastiest terrain, yet irresponsible riding practices can actually lend to make the road conditions worse. Our ATV tours are meant to provide a safe, exciting adventure for everyone, but aggressive and destructive riding styles can actually serve to harm the experience. Our outdoor experts want you to make the most of your time, but be mindful of tearing through wet patches and drifting your tires around corners. Aggressively tackling obstacles can damage the roadway, creating new problems for the next riders. We want you to go full-throttle, but be mindful of the trail conditions when possible.

ATV riding in this neck of the woods is an adventure that can be hard to beat. Doing so safely and politely will help all involved to enjoy a thrilling time. Estes Park ATV Rentals is here to help you hit the best trails with the best gear, creating a memorable time without the logistical or financial demands. We’re proud to provide quality ATV rentals in Colorado, focusing on unguided tours to give adventurers a “thrill at your own risk” ambiance. Contact us today to learn more about our ATV tracks and trails!