When it comes to ATV rentals in Colorado, many residents and tourists arrive at their destination only to be met by a collection of rusty all-terrain vehicles. Often times, people are stuck with outdated tools instead of off-road monsters. Here at Estes Park ATV Rentals, we believe that paying customers deserve the best possible off-roading experience! Because of this, we let riders go at their own pace, utilizing our exciting ATV trails at their leisure. Colorado has a lot of majestic sights to offer, and now you can get up close and personal. We have everything you need to embark on your own memorable ATV adventures!

Today, we’ll profile one of the mighty steeds in our corral: the Honda Foreman® Rubicon. Built to be as comfortable as it is rugged, people looking for rough ATV riding will be pleased with the pleasant experience of taking on the trails while preserving their tailbones!

  • Engine. Consisting of a 475cc single cylinder four-stroke engine, the Rubicon is built to deliver a high level of performance for a long time. Horsepower and reliability will be the last things on your mind when you’re enjoying your adrenalized mountain tour!
  • Power steering. Honda has its own electronic power steering (EPS) system that utilizes complex torque sensors to measure how much force you’re applying when riding. This is useful because you can then customize the suspension in order to fine-tune the steering to match your exact specifications. This can be very useful for the various conditions that you’ll be outmatching during your ATV adventure!
  • Transmission. All of our Honda ATV rentals come with automatic transmissions for user convenience. Honda’s dual-clutch transmission strives to deliver consistent power and timely shifting to get you through that rough terrain without breaking a sweat. This off-road machine will do all the hard work while you enjoy tearing through one of our ATV trails.


  • Body. The Rubicon holds a rugged exterior that looks downright awesome. However, it’s useful for more than aesthetic qualities. The body is designed to keep mud and debris away from the rider. The sleek body design also works to minimize snags and scratches that commonly befall utility vehicles. Ride with confidence knowing that you’re atop a modern off-road marvel.
  • TraxLok®. Honda uses its own technology to provide consistent traction for your adventure. Switching between two and four-wheel-drive is a breeze. You can also utilize locking front differentials to optimize traction to take on all of the elements. It also has a speed override option that allows faster speeds while the front differential is locked, giving you the advantage in extreme conditions, such as plowing through deep mud. When you rent an ATV from us, you’re signing up to take on the elements!


The Rubicon hosts so many useful features, that our blog couldn’t even cover half of them! Instead of covering the spec’s, we’d rather just show you. Estes Park ATV Rental does just that: offers ATV rentals in Colorado so locals and tourists can maximize their fun with unguided tours. Contact us today to learn more about our program and to plan your own amazing adventure!