Taking on the trail and tearing your way through mother nature may prove to be one of the most adrenalized adventures you’ve ever had. ATV riding has long been considered an exciting, captivating activity that has made memories for riders for many decades. As a top provider of ATV rentals in Colorado, we are very passionate about the subject, to say the least. Estes Park ATV Rentals was founded to let tourists and locals alike make the most nature, taking on our addicting ATV trails at their own pace. Our unguided ATV tours provide a challenging trail and some points of interest just outside of Estes Park.

Today, we’ll continue on our theme of riding tips for beginners, and we will focus on the safety aspects that may prove helpful when you’re enjoying your ATV rental.

Avoid Hazards

One aspect of ATV riding that many people take for granted is the traction and control that their vehicle offers. Areas such as steep slopes, jagged terrain, and swamps represent the off-road obstacles that will prove too risky to be worth it. Experienced riders know to avoid risky scenarios while on the trail. An adrenalized adventure is worth it, but hurting yourself is not!

Gear Up Properly

Safety is our top priority at Estes Park ATV Rentals. We’re dedicated to delivering a fun time that gets you home safe and sound. Our rentals provide a helmet, which should be worn every time you ride. Head injuries are more common than people think, making it essential to keep your dome protected. Gloves, goggles, and boots are also helpful for those looking to take on more intensive terrain.

Buddy Up

The buddy system is an effective way to keep everyone safe in the event of a worst-case scenario. From mechanical issues to getting lost or sustaining serious injury, having a partner nearby will ensure that you are never left out to dry. Going with your friends is more enjoyable, anyways!

Plan Your Route

Looking ahead and identifying hazards in advance will help to prevent any unwelcome surprises on the trail. Advanced riders will look ahead to plan their route, optimizing speed and efficiency in the process. Doing so will help you to plan for more intense movements, such as shifting your balance over rough spots. Looking ahead will also help with speed regulation. The last thing you want is to run into a rut full tilt!

Stay on the Trail

While you will hear this a few times, we must stress the importance of staying within the designated riding areas. Our unguided ATV trails are meant to offer the ideal terrain for adrenalizing your life. It is also done to keep you safe. Going off trail can lead riders to a number of problems, including unpassable terrain. Riders may find themselves driving into bodies of water, jagged rocks, steep drop-offs, and more. Adventuring past the border may prove to be costly on your machine, as well. Even if you are riding the newest Polaris RZR, the ATV can only provide so much traction. Going off of the trail is also destructive to the delicate nature surrounding you. Chewing up the hillside may sound fun, but it can leave an unsightly mark that can prove unproductive for ATV riders and our image to society.

Keeping safe will allow you to make the most of your ATV rental in Colorado. We aim to provide the best experience to riders of all skill levels. Our single and side-by-side ATV options give large groups a wide range of riding options to choose from. You can speed through Rocky Mountain National Park, creating lifelong memories in the process. Contact us today to learn more!