Whether you’re running on a sandy beach at sunset, walking beside a trickling stream, or going on an unguided excursion with our ATV rentals in Colorado, being outside and in awe of the beauty in this world can make you feel alive and energized. Recently, a lot of research has been focused on how being outdoors in nature can affect your outlook, health, and overall life!

In fact, a 2009 study found that the closer you live to the outdoors and nature, the more likely you are to be healthy. The study looked at over 300,000 people, their health, and how close they lived to green space. And can you guess what the researchers found? People who live within a mile of a park or a woodland area experience less depression and anxiety than those who lived over a mile away from parks or wooded areas. Even if you don’t live in beautiful Colorado or near some green space, planning a vacation to our wonderful mountains is a great way to treat yourself to a great adventure, better your outlook and mental health, and even boost your health a little!

There’s no need to worry if you don’t live near a park or wooded area. There have been other studies in England and Sweden where they have found that people who jog and those who exercise in a natural settings feel more restored and less angry, depressed, and anxious than those who burn the same amount of calories but not in natural settings. That means that even if you have to drive a couple hours for some beautiful nature, it’s totally worth it!