For many tourists, the idea of sightseeing and traveling during the snowy season are not appealing. However, some people see it as an opportunity to embark on a unique, exhilarating adventure. This line of thinking is what motivates us here at Estes Park ATV Rentals to kick it into high gear for winter. We’re a top-notch establishment for ATV rentals in Colorado. Whether you’re wanting to take in the majestic views or tear through powder, our self-guided ATV tours are sure to make the exhibition a memorable one. Open from March to December, our company strives to provide the best experience possible. All-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding can be an enjoyable experience year-round, and we want you to have the most fun possible!

The Conditions

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains can play host to a variety of temperatures and conditions, and Roosevelt National Forest is no different. Estes Park is ideal for ATV vacations because it hosts an average of 238 sunny days per year. However, the upcoming season has us excited about a different statistic: The average winter sees about 34 inches of snowfall. At 7,600 feet, this can combine to produce a winter wonderland for your ATV adventures. With ample hospitality services in Estes Park, your visit to Colorado can be chalked full of adrenalized excitement!

Safety is our top priority here at Estes Park ATV Rentals. Because of the unpredictable weather here in the Centennial State, it is important to remember that conditions are constantly in a state of change. People need to keep a watchful eye out for unsafe conditions while enjoying the trails. With over 40 years of experience, our professional instructors have seen it all. Being inattentive can be the biggest hazard for your awesome adventure. Pay attention to your surroundings!

Our Driving Tip

Beyond our recommendation for warmer clothing, we also give advice to our ATV riding clientele. One such tidbit involves keeping your momentum when traversing our snowy ATV trails. Your vehicle is designed to deliver great power and traction to overcome many of mother nature’s obstacles. However, snow can respond erratically during your off-roading adventures. Deeper snow levels can lead to the frame of your ATV getting trapped, limiting the effectiveness of the all-terrain designation. To prevent this, stay moving when in snow drifts, keeping the throttle steady to counter any stoppage. Make sure to avoid being too aggressive on the throttle, though. If you feed your machine too much gas, loss of traction is sure to happen. Keep it moving, keep it steady, keep it safe!

Colorado is a premier location for winter activities. Beyond the hype of skiing is the rush of ATV riding. Estes Park ATV Rentals is here to supply you with the tools needed to have the time of your life. Our flat rates and delivery of the vehicles make your experience with ATV rentals in Colorado a snap! We offer the newest,  top-of-the-line models. Whether you desire a single person ATV or a two-to-six person UTV, we have it in stock and ready to rock. Contact us today so we can answer any questions you may have about our top-notch ATV tours!