You’re looking to rent either an ATV or a RZR while you’re on vacation in Colorado and the debate is on. This is your chance to try the vehicles out before investing in one. You’ll only have time and money to do one of the two, so which one will you choose? Here are a few things about each to help you make your decision for your trip.

ATV—All Terrain Vehicles

  • Built for single riders, some are larger for two riders sitting with the driver in the front and the rider behind, like on a motorcycle.
  • Handle mud and water crossings like a boss. Enough said.
  • Center of gravity is good so they aren’t very easy to flip, although it is still possible.
  • They are pretty standard and add ons, but not too many are available for safety.

Polaris RZR®

  • Speed is a given. The RZRs max out at over 65 mph. Passing people on the trail will come with ease in a RZR.
  • Deep mud and water might be difficult to get through and take skill to make it through without getting stuck.
  • There are different models and widths to increase stability. On the more narrow RZR, the 50”, it is easy to flip onto the side or the cage.
  • There are tons of add ons for this UTV. Many for safety, others for performance and clearance.
  • It holds two, the driver and the rider, side-by-side.

If you choose to ride the ATV while you’re in Colorado, Estes Park ATV Rentals has ATV rentals for a great rate. Our rentals also have other UTVs available for rental, so if you need to carry more than two people, you can. All helmets and safety instructions are provided by our staff.