ATV riding can be a very enjoyable, adrenaline-packed adventure. It is important, though, to follow all of the rules and regulations to minimize the risk of sustaining an injury. The sheer awesomeness of this sport can intimidate some people, and that’s something we understand. Estes Park ATV Rentals is proud to offer the best unguided tours in the state. Our ATV rentals in Colorado are designed to give you the all of the power needed to kick your adventure into high gear. Thrillseekers can choose one of our enjoyable ATV trails, taking on the challenge at their own pace.

As fun as the sport is, beginners will not be riding a Polaris RZR like they were born for it. Today, we’ll continue to look into beginner tips to help inexperienced riders make the most out of their side-by-side ATV rentals.

Uphill Excitement

The biggest danger that comes from tackling that steep slope is the fact that is simply too steep. Regardless of your skill or equipment, some hills just cannot safely be tackled. No matter your confidence level in when gassing up the slope, it’s essential to ensure that your weight remains forward at all times. Some people will instinctively lean back, sabotaging momentum. Before taking on the hill, be sure to drop into a lower gear to deliver more torque and momentum. You should then slide forward on the seat, keeping your weight in the front. Standing up and positioning yourself over the front axle is also acceptable.

The last thing anyone wants is to come to a stop at a high point on a steep hill. If you realize that you will not have enough steam to make it, try to gently turn the machine around to head back down the hill. It’s important to ensure that your weight remains uphill at all times, even when rolling back down. If there is no time to rectify the situation, apply both brakes to come to a complete stop. Once done, put the parking brake on and exit from the uphill side of possible. Be sure to wait for assistance in steering the machine safely back down the hill.

Caution is always advised when taking steep hills. Our ATV trailmasters will be able to instruct you further before letting you loose on the trails.

It’s All Downhill

Going down the hill and feeling the breeze is an unbeatable experience. However, it’s important to be safe and in control when dropping your elevation in an exciting fashion. Be sure to always inspect your path before feeding your machine more gas. It’s best to avoid any obstacles, creating a straight path down that minimizes surprises. Before you begin, be sure to shift into a low gear to keep the speed under control. As always, keep your weight toward the uphill side, maintaining control and stability.

Hitting the trails is an exciting adventure, but one that should be properly prepared for. Anyone looking for the most enjoyable ATV rentals in Colorado will be happy to ride through the Rockies. Estes Park ATV Rentals is your source for top-notch adventures to optimize your time in our beautiful state. Contact us today to learn more!