Fall is here in Colorado, and many locals and tourists along the Front Range are eager to get in as much fun as possible before the snowy season comes into full swing. Now is the perfect time to see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with trees illuminated in a vibrant cascade of colors. If you’re one of those individuals looking to work some adrenaline into your next adventure, be sure to consider the best ATV rentals in Colorado.

Estes Park ATV Rentals is proud to provide unguided ATV tours for action-seekers of all ages. Our new Tomcars are built to the toughest specs worldwide, utilizing safety features that allow you to take our ATV trails without a helmet.

Safety is a top priority here, and our team is ready to create the most fun over the winter season. Before we close down, be sure to check out our winter driving tips with our ATV rentals, and contact us to reserve your adventure today!

Look Out Ahead

General safety precautions are always helpful when ATV riding, such as keeping a keen eye on the trails ahead. Snowy conditions can prove perfect for your unguided ATV tour, but remember that the same variables that affect your car can also impact your off-road machine. Upcoming curves can prove to be one of the biggest dangers in mountain driving, and snowy conditions can put you at additional risks. Be sure to exercise caution when approaching all curves, especially if the conditions are slippery. If another driver happens to be coming from the other direction, you want to be sure you’re ready!

Remember Winter Driving

Coloradans are no strangers to snowy weather, and most drivers have plenty of experience of traversing carefully down I-25. When you are enjoying the thrills of our fresh ATV trails, remember that the same physics at play for your automobile are also in effect here. Our Tomcars are built to be tough and provide excellent traction, but there is little drivers can do if they find themselves in a snowdrift.

We recommend playing around on comfortable ground with your ATV rental before taking on more challenging routes. If you find yourself in a panic, remember not to overcorrect. Avoid braking hard or spinning the wheel, as these two actions will only work to sabotage what traction your tires currently have.

Hidden Dangers

While our ATV trails will be fairly easy to find in any weather, keep in mind that you may not be able to see all of the hazards hidden beneath the snow. We’ve heard of many individuals coming across a fresh field of snow, only to drive in and find themselves in considerable danger. Trees, boulders, and a variety of dangerous situations may be hidden by the peaceful comfort of a perfect swath of snow. We recommend doing more investigating before you make the leap!

Watch Out For Ice

We strive to provide the best ATV rentals in Colorado, and our nearby trails provide the perfect landscape for your fall-time adventure. One area of concern once we reach late September is ice forming over water sources, roadways, trails, and so on. ATV riders looking for an additional challenge may be tempted to cross any ice found, but be sure to exercise extreme caution. If the ice has formed over a body of water such as a lake, we recommend avoiding it. People can lay ATV tracks on frozen bodies of water, but only if they double-check the safety conditions first. Ice can also be hazardous for unexpecting riders tearing down the trail. Ice can be very problematic, so keep an eye out if the temperatures start dropping!

Estes Park ATV Rentals in Colorado is here to serve as your best source for unguided ATV tours. We’re normally open until January, and will be happy to outfit you with our unbeatable Tomcars. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to reserve your ATV adventure!