When it comes to the American Dream, nothing feels more patriotic then hitting an off-road trail with a four-wheeling machine. The freedom and excitement that comes with tearing through the trail astride a steel beast is hard to beat. To capture this excitement for the average thrill-seeker, Estes Park ATV Rentals was established to give locals and tourists alike the opportunity for adrenalized awesomeness. Our goal of providing the best four-wheeler rentals in Colorado has helped to make us the premier placing for giving people the chance to tackle four-wheeler trails on their own. We take care of everything from gassing to transportation; all you need to do is sign the forms, do the orientation, and get ready to ride!

While our top-notch 4-wheeler rentals are the peak of performance and quality, their predecessors were nothing like the current models. In our last blog, we looked at the early history of ATVs and UTVs. Today, we’ll continue this journey by explaining the advent of a fourth wheel and the explosive results that commenced afterwards.

Safety Concerns

The 1980s saw major advancements in both ATV power and capabilities. Companies like Honda and Suzuki continued to push the limits for what these gnarly machines can do. However, increasing safety concerns led to a voluntary stoppage of production of three-wheel ATVs. In 1988, the government issued a ban on three-wheelers due to increasing numbers of people sustaining injuries or death. The design of a front-wheel machine equated to stability issues at high speeds. A lighter front end also produced a higher risk for flipping when going up steep hills. This ban was put in place for a decade, meaning that manufacturers have been able to manufacture and sell three-wheelers for the past twenty years. While companies are free to market these classic machines, nearly all of them choose not to due to residual safety concerns and the attached stigma.

The Rise of Four-Wheelers

While the three-wheeled variants were in the process of being phased out, companies were quickly focused on improving their stock of four-wheeler vehicles. The beginning of the 1990s saw an increased focus on speed and handling, with Yamaha’s Banshee 350 reaching nearly 80 miles per hour! Honda’s FourTrax series featured the value of four-wheel drive ATVs. This added feature saw an increase in popularity for utilitarian purposes. From farming to hunting, these vehicles provided a sturdy vehicle for getting the job done with speed and convenience. Yearly improvements have combined to produce modern marvels of engineering. Additionally, safety measures and education have been enacted to optimize the safety of the activity.

From early ideas to modern masterpieces, ATVs have come a long ways since their humble beginnings. If you have always wanted to experience the thrill of trailblazing on an ATV through Roosevelt National Forest, you’re in luck! Estes Park ATV Rentals offers a wide range of quad rentals for parties of all sizes. We’re your number one spot for four-wheeler rentals in Colorado. Be sure to collect your family and friends to plan now for the spring season. Feel free to contact us to learn more or to schedule your adventure today!